RA-1714: Visit Summary does not handle post 2.2 diagnoses

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Hey @mogoodrich, did you ever come across this in your distros?

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From an early and quick spike from @icrc.psousa, it comes from EMR API’s VisitDomainWrapper, its internals do not take care of post 2.2 fetching of diagnoses, it still uses the old obs-based routes.

Cc @grace @dkayiwa

Thanks @mksd for tracking this, Yes this is still a bug to fix , there is an ongoing pull request that was created https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1714 to fix this , @herbert24 ,are you still available for this ticket

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thanks @sharif there is an ongoing pr for that here RA-1714:Primary Diagnosis not being showed in the Encounter details by HerbertYiga · Pull Request #377 · openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps · GitHub, just would like to hear from @ibacher about my last comments on the pr so as to get things tested

Thanks @ibacher for the response let me do the fix

@ibacher it turns out that, from 2.2 onwards, EMR API’s DiagnosisService does not just rely on Core’s DiagnosisService. Using this passthrough can actually be configured through a GP, see here for example: openmrs-module-emrapi/DiagnosisServiceImpl2_2.java at 5b319dc22b05c67c9a76aa3bb471737c5acf5308 · openmrs/openmrs-module-emrapi · GitHub

I guess that means that VisitDomainWrapper should rely on the same mechanism? @mogoodrich?

Ref: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/EA-142

@mksd PIH doesn’t use the RefApp visit page. We have a custom visit page. From the clinician-facing dashboard, there is a link to show a list of all visits with the patient with form name and diagnoses (see image). This page is good with showing diagnoses. We are on OpenMRS 2.3.3.

FYI @mogoodrich

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@mksd yes, exactly… at PIH we are (unfortunately) still using the the old obs-based modelling, so the VDW should rely on the same mechanism… fyi @ibacher

Oh well well well, don’t get me started, I really don’t know if that’s so unfortunate…

Ok perhaps was it a good idea for diagnosis to be its own first class citizen in the data model, but as for conditions… I think we have made our lives so much harder there by just creating tech debt out of thin air.

Anyway, digression. Thanks both @ball and @mogoodrich, obviously this bug could not have affected you if you don’t rely on this dashboard in PIH EMR.

Right @mksd but it’s possible we use the VisitDomainWrapper elsewhere, so we’d want to preserve the ability to configure it to (still) use obs-based approach using the global property (as you suggested above).


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