(RA-1484) Urgent Volunteer

Hi all,

I wish to appreciate you all for the efforts you have rendered towards the success of RefApp 2.8.0 which was to be released last week but was pushed to this week. I wish to bring to your attention that it won’t be released until this issue is worked on https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1484 Wrong default concept used for sticky notes. I kindly need a volunteer to fix it.

CC @wyclif

It has been 2days now but no response, what could be the way forward?

CC @wyclif, @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @darius, @burke and @danfuterman

I’ll probably have to take it on.

Thank you sir.

@wyclif just a follow up! how far with the blocker?

We’re still blocked by Friday by some issue around the required metadata, was out of office on Monday and had a backlog of emails when I got back on Monday, I should follow up with it first thing on Wednesday.

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