Questions about Content for O3 RefApp & Ozone impact

Hi @mksrom & @ruhanga (or whoever else from Mekom I should CC?), I have a number of questions about some of the metadata content we’re using / will be using for the O3 RefApp - e.g. yesterday I was updating the drugs csv and noted a number of concerns that I’d like to change for the O3 RefApp, but I didn’t just want to willy-nilly change things that might impact Ozone or it’s integrations esp. w/ Pharmacy Inventory or Labs.

Could we use the last 20 mins of the O3 Squad call tomorrow (Thurs) to discuss together?

Here are some examples of what I’d like to discuss:

  • Labs:

    • Changing to an openmrs-owned collection for Lab concepts
    • Using the Lab conepts collection ALSO as the Filter Definition collection (instead of having them separate, which we do now, and is causing me headaches)
  • Drugs:

    • Using CIEL codes instead of only UUIDs for drugs (e.g. here)
    • Having a non-doseage-specific option for most drugs (right now most drugs in the .csv file do not have a dose-agnostic option; e.g. I added just “Metformin” because there was no flexible option like that, only “Metformin 500mg” etc; but I’m not sure if this would break something w/ the pharmacy inventory workflow)
    • How we handle generic vs branded names - e.g. Metronidazole vs Flagyl - right now I’m in favor of having both in drugs.csv if both names would be commonly searched by a user. They’d have the same concept ID but different UUIDs. I’m not sure if that will cause other problems though.
    • How we organize the drugs.csv file - currently it’s a mix of some alphabetical ordering vs some categorical ordering. Because of the difference btwn generic vs branded I’m inclined towards categorical; e.g. I would add Metronidazole by Flagyl. Makes it easier for me the editor to see what similar drugs have already been added, without having to search all the lines for possible alternatives.
    • Convention in drugs.csv to move the Strength column to be next to the Name column, for safety (currently it’s easy to accidentally have a wrong strength because it’s just hard to see / very distant from the name)
    • i18n for drugs - seems we’re missing a field in Iniz to specify the language? Causing french/spanish/etc variations of drug names to show up for english users, and vice-versa.
  • Diagnoses:

    • I’m in the midst of a major manual effort to create a baseline set of diagnoses (without going crazy and importing like all Dx codes from ICD or CIEL); just want to explain my plan and confirm it will work w/ Ozone.

Please CC any relevant folks :slight_smile: FYI @ibacher and @ball @ddesimone @mogoodrich - if you’re able to make it this thursday at 8:30am EST that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks @grace. I’m fine with this. We can discuss more on the Thursday call.

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