Question on Scalability

Hi, I am new to OpenMRS. Just trying to understand its scalability.

Can OpenMRS act as a Shared Health Record (SHR) backbone for a country-scale deployment for ~14K community clinics for a ~170M population?

What is the largest deployment of OpenMRS so far?

@mozzy do you have any insights on using the HAPI FHIR Server as the Shared Health Record? Architectural Design Approach to support an integrated approach to patient-level indicator reporting for OpenMRS - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

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Thanks @dkayiwa .
OpenMRS was primarily created to function as an EMR, not an SHR .
see full OpenHIE component specifications .

Some time back ,theres was some effort from the OpenHIE community to make OpenMRS function as a SHR and some modules were created to achieve that .
see more on this talk thread ,

However, while they might have managed to achieve that function-wise, OpenMRS didn’t scale well and didn’t serve the full purpose as a SHR. see more .

Back then , OpenMRS was OpenHIE’s reference SHR, but over time, it has been replaced with the HAPI FHIR JPA server as a SHR . See the current OpenHIE reference Technologies .

The HAPI-FHIR JPA server has proven a better SHR both Function-wise and Performance-wise

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Thank you @dkayiwa & @mozzy for the information.

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