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Hi Everyone,

In the Sync 2.0 module we’re currently depending on the newest version (2.23.0-SNAPSHOT) of the module. The most valuable for us are these changes:

These changes allow our module to create a new resource with the specific UUID.

We want to release the newest version of the Sync 2.0 module but we cannot do that when we depend on the SNAPSHOT version. My question to you is this: do you plan to release a new version of the module?

It is really important for us to do this as soon as possible.

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Hi @alalo , we do plan to release a new version of this module before the reference application 2.9 release. You can expect the new version to be out anytime soon and since you require it, we shall try to ensure that we give this module a priority release and then inform you. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

At the same time if it is urgent for @SolDevelo team, a minor release should be made of 2.23.0 so that they can move on.

The next development iteration of REST WS can become 2.23.1-SNAPSHOT for the sake of the Ref App, but even 2.24.0-SNAPSHOT I’m sure is fine. There are 16 unresolved tickets that would have to be bumped to the new fix version.

Yes, doing a 2.23.0 release is fine… I only think the reason that it hasn’t been done yet is that no one has done it, we aren’t waiting on anything… I’ve been going through and releasing a lot of the modules, and it was on my list, I will try to do it in the next few days but if someone gets to it first, go ahead… :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

Correct. Any one is free to release it now.

I have been trying to get a couple of releases done but unfortunately, I do not have the necessary permissions for any module apart from Addons, Ref App and 2 other modules. It would be great if someone could grant me the necessary access so that I may go ahead with these releases.

Do you mean permission for our bamboo CI? If yes, did you create a help desk request?

@dkayiwa, I have the necessary permission for CI. I however do not have the necessary permissions for JIRA( so sorry, just noticed that I had not mentioned that in my previous post)

@reubenv did you create a help desk request for the JIRA permissions?

Not a that time @dkayiwa since it was late in my place and I was off to bed .

I just created it though :slight_smile:

Very good news! Thanks for the fast response. We’re waiting for release :slight_smile:

@reubenv I see you are starting to do the release and are triaging tickets, thanks!

I just made a change on this ticket, though, and moved it back to the 2.23.0 release:

It was in “post commit code-review” state and had already been committed, so I just closed the ticket and changed the fix version back to 2.23.0.

This is the basic process I use when using a release… I’d look at all the open tickets in the 2.23.0, but if they are still open it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t in the release… many just have never been fully closed. I review each ticket and look at the commit history for the module and decide whether it needs to be changed to 2.24.0 or just closed as fixed. If there are any questions regarding it, I’ll ask the committer on the ticket. Let me know if that makes sense!

I think most of the other tickets you changed are in the same state (Code Review Post Commit) and can just be closed and moved back to 2.23.0. (Generally if I enter a bug and then fix it myself, I don’t close it, I leave it in Code Review Post-Commit in case anyone wants to weigh in after the fact, as a second pair of eyes is always good, but if they haven’t by the time the release happens I just close it myself)

Take care, Mark

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Thanks for that @mogoodrich, what you’ve explained is clear to me and ill make sure that I check again!

It’s a good think that the CI release wasn’t successful due to some dependency issues. This still helps me include all these features in the 23 release itself :smile:

@mogoodrich I have done as you have suggested and closed a few Post-commit issues and pushed them to 2.23.0. I felt one or two may have a few follow-up commits and have commented on the issue inquiring about the same. Feel free to go through the same and let me know if there are any changes needed :slight_smile:

That being said, I noticed that there are a few issues in the 2.22.0 release which haven’t been bumped up and are still in progress. Is that intentional?

@reubenv thanks for the update! I will try to take a look tomorrow.

Take care, Mark

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@reubenv I closed out one of the tickets in 2.22.0 release, remove the 2.22.0 from another, and tagged @dkayiwa on the third.

I also noticed that 2.23.0 had been marked as released which I think was incorrect so I marked it as “unreleased”.

Also, is 2.2.0-alpha out? Are we ready to cut the releases that depend on it?

Take care! Mark

Are you looking for this?

Hi Everyone,

what is the status of the release?

@isears is doing the last round of changes and then we release. I think that should happen by tomorrow.