Query about Bahmni Custmization

I am planning to implement Bahmni for a multispeciality hospital with inhouse pharmacy, lab and xray facilities. I have installed bahmni and read some of implementation part, saw some videos. As far I have understood in demos it shows process in which doctor prescribes medicine then parmacy dispence it and print bill, similary doctor first prescribes and initiate lab test then lab person add result and make report. In my scenario its non-clinical implemetaion. In which doctor will just prescribe medicine on paper and lab test on paper, and respective lab person will take sample and genrate report and enter it in system. pharmacy person will directly create bill in system without any quotation from doctor in system. the reception person will only start OPD and IPD visit. Doctor will not access system at any point he will write and prescribe everything on paper.

So my question will this type of modification is possible?

Also it is possible to change the patient visit print totally? I am adding sample of patient visit print.Patient Visit(Sample).pdf (293.3 KB)

Similar print for OPD, IPD and Pahrmacy bill.