Querries regarding OpenMRS demo

The android client demo mode {URL Address: https:://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs} and demo web app do not have the same data. As in the mobile app, the active visits are empty but in the web app a lot many active visits. Am I misunderstanding something?

Moreover, the register and search option makes the app crash. Please help me with this.

Hi @gauravdewat

Yeah that’s a normal behaviour this two are separate deployments. Demo is a docker-compose deployment with a separate mysql instance so it has separate data.

What is crashing is it demo app or the mobile app?

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@gauravdewat if it concerns android-client consider pulling the latest changes from the master into your local repo the build has been fixed recently after a recent PR

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Thank you @ayesh for help. The demo app is the one which crashes.

Hi @gauravdewat I actually registered a patient now and searched it worked ?

@saurabh, it took the pull but it didn’t work for me. The is app is showing very strange behavior as the app works fine in dark mode but in the light mode, it crashes at some intents.

Should I create a Jira ticket for this one?

Thank you @ayesh, the sync issue has been fixed. But the crash can still be seen.

Device which I am using : Samsung galaxy A50 ; Android 9.0

@gauravdewat If you feel that its a bug and needs fixing you should definitely make a JIRA issue. The mentors will review it and you can work on them if that issue is made ready for work !!

Ok I’ll make a JIRA ticket for this issue. Thanks @saurabh

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