Queries regarding OpenMRS Annual Report 2018

Hello Everyone! I’m Satvik Shrivastava, one of the GCI participants for OpenMRS. The year is about to end and I would love to help design the OpenMRS Annual Report 2018. OpenMRS Annual Report has a great significance as it showcases implementations, achievements, future plans and stats to the world.

I was fascinated by past years’ Annual Reports. Being a design enthusiast, I would love to help design layouts and artworks for it. However, I was unable to find the designers behind these Reports. I do know that @jeffneiman helped in creating last year’s which looked amazing.

I have built a small portfolio comprising of my design works for OpenMRS so far for you to see. You may check it here.

Let me know how can I get involved.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi Satvik! Wonderful to know that you are interested in contributing to the Annual Report 2018 in this way - and you’re timing is perfect as we’ll be starting work on the Annual Report in the coming weeks.

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Hi @jennifer!

Thank you, that sounds perfect! I’m available in all the telegram groups under the username “satvikshri” and will remain active in the talk as well. Alternatively, I could be pinged at satvikshri@gmail.com. I’m excited and can’t wait to start contributing to it. :slight_smile:

Love your designs @satvikshri!

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Thanks a lot. :smile: