Queries about /dev/1 quiz

Hi everyone!

I was completing /dev/1 quiz when I noticed that one of the questions there asks about how often Developers Forum happens.

Obviously, the right answer is going to be ‘weekly’. However, according to this Wiki page and this Talk Thread, there’s no strict schedule for holding these sessions anymore.

Can we remove the question from the quiz, as it may confuse some newcomers?

And also, does the quiz still work? I took a look at some old Talk conversations about it and it seems like there used to be lots of technical problems with it. And also, Smart Developer badge was last given in May, not sure if it’s due to low community’s interest or some issues.​

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@lana i seriously like your attention to detail. Please keep it up! :smile:

I fully agree that we should either remove the question, or change the expected answers. If this quiz turns out to be a maintenance burden, i think we should just get rid of it and deal with this dev/1 stage as we do for the rest. For instance, from the activities that i have so far seen you involved in, you already qualify to migrate from /dev/null to /dev/1, whether you have done the quiz and passed or not. :slight_smile:

Let us look into the issues you have raised and will get back to you.

cc @burke

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@dkayiwa As for me, it makes sense to leave the quiz. There was an idea earlier to move it to Google Forms, so it causes less troubles, maybe it can become a possible solution. The reason it needs to stay is that most of newcomers are quite confused when they join the community. Especially such a large one. Especially when they aren’t a part of open source programs. The quiz helps to understand what a person needs to know in order to start contributing, so it is like a quick start for those who join.

Oh i see! :slight_smile:

@lana would you like to help us improve the management and maintenance of this quiz?

Am also looping in @c.antwi who is our technical project manager.

If I can be helpful in this, then of course!

To tap into your innovation, do you already see areas where you can start helping us in regards to this?

It really depends on what we decide to do with the quiz. For example, I can move it to Google Forms if we decide so. Let’s see what other community members think :wink:

Sounds like a great idea. Sure lets allow others to weigh in on the topic and at the end of the week we can then decide next steps.

Thanks for bringing this up .


Great effort @lana Thanks for sharing this idea :slight_smile:

@lana thanks for the wake up call to update our documentaries more often. I really desire to join hand with you and help where we can.
cc @c.antwi

@burke Could you give any update or opinion on this? It seems like you were the one administrating the quiz earlier, at least it’s what I can see reading old topics about it.