Python API Library

To my knowledge there isn’t a python client for the rest API, so I’ve started building one here:

It’s something I’m personally using to more efficiently manage an OpenMRS installation. It’s fairly primitive right now but I’m posting here in case any fellow pythonistas are interested in using/contributing.

Actually, REST endpoints don’t need any language requirements while getting access from those(language independent). We can call a Java REST endpoint from Python or NodeJs and even we can call it from anywhere.

OpenMRS has a strong REST implementation based based on Java. You can get it from here,

Anyway, OpenMRS may have a python REST based backend in the future :smile:. Hope your idea will be paid off.

Thanks for sharing @isears. This looks like a better approach compared to the hacky omrs-rest-client I created a while ago. :slight_smile:


@burke I didn’t see that, will definitely be borrowing from it!