Pull Request review for O3

Hey, maintainers! I raised a pull request last week. Could someone please review it?

@subhamkumar in short, I just asked ChatGPT because this PR title burnt my eyes a little :slight_smile:

The provided real-world example PR title has good elements, such as mentioning the issue key (O3-2756) and describing the problem. However, it's overly detailed for a PR title and mixes description with action. A PR title should be concise and focused on summarizing the change rather than explaining the issue in detail. Here's a possible revised version that improves clarity and brevity:

Original: “(fix) O3-2756: On clicking the View which is not a button, the adjacent dropdown menu is triggered, and the dropdown items are displayed. But it should not get displayed. It should be displayed on clicking Select Service Type. 5”.

Revised: “(fix) O3-2756: Prevent dropdown from triggering on View click, ensure activation on Select Service Type


"Burnt my eyes":joy: Sorry, but I can’t help laughing!

Anyway, I also opened a draft PR last week and could someone please help review it and provide some guidance. I am relatively new to OpenMRS and I wouldn’t want to fall into the situation of misplaced effort. Thanks.

be sure to open the PR when yo ready for it to attract potential reviews

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Oh. That makes sense. Thanks.

Did you guys get a chance to take a look at this: Pull Request Tips - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki ?