Pull request for trunk-4986

I made a pull request of trunk-4986 but i mistakenly sent it to the master branch of the folk seen HERE.

Any advice on how to make a new pull request because i had already made the changes required? how will i be able to make another PR yet the changes have already been pushed?

@odorajonathan @ruhanga @samuel34 @mozzy @herbert24

You seem to have mixed up things . I think its better to just close that PR and take a look at the PR tips

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I think you should follow what @mozzy has said, make sure to also avoid making changes on master, and make a PR to openmrs/ openmrs-core master branch instead of master branch of your fork


thats it @odorajonathan

@mozzy do u mean that i should close it then after i make another PR for it or i just leave it?

its better you close it , because it may be more hectic to cean it up , than to just create a new one. Good thing you can always create new 1000 PRs at a free cost :grinning:

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@georgejr then just make one to openmrs/openmrs-core

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After closing the PR, make the changes again on the ticket basing on the issue to be sorted out then make a new PR.