Pull pt_BR translation to the modules

I’ve translated the OpenMRS modules posted into Transiflex to the brazilian portuguese language (pt_BR). Someone please could to pull the translations (mainly for OpenMRS Core module) to the source code. Thank you and regards, Nilo

@nilo, thanks for doing this!

I see that you have translated nearly all the modules into pt_BR.

I’ve always assumed that the right way to do things is that when we have a language, and a country specification, that the majority of the translations should be in the pt locale, and only things that are specifically different for Brazilian Portuguese would be in pt_BR. However since Transifex does not appear to work this way, and you’ve already done the complete translation, I think we should keep it simple and just pull in the entire translation as you’ve done it. Perhaps at some future point someone can cross-check and harmonize the pt and pt_BR translations.

On this thread we’re looking at actually automating the process of pulling in translations, FYI: bamboo setup for transifex