Providing ChartSearch Module Feedback

Our team is working hard to see to it that your feedback towards chartsearch module is responded to and soon with no prolonged delays including issue fixing. For this cause we appreciate and welcome chartsearch user’s feedback either through the online which is embedded into the module feedback section or here on OpenMRS Talk.

Here is how you need to provide feedback on OpenMRS Talk:

  1. Click “New Topic” button on OpenMRS Talk.
  2. Provide a summarized title and select ‘Add-on Modules’ for category.
  3. Most important of all, just on-top of the ‘Create Topic’ button is a field where you need to attach the “chartsearch-feedback” tag onto your feedback so as to list it among other feed-backs.

Here is a sample of what you may do well to include in your feedback:

Module: ChartSearch ChartSearch Version: 1.4-SNAPSHOT System Version: Platform 1.11.2/ 2.2

Issue or Question: ???"

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