Provider schedule in Bahmni

I installed Bahmni Version 0.9. It has Appointment Schedule module but that does not seem to have provider schedule. Please let me know how to add/view provider schedule so that while making an appointment one can see what are available slots for particular Provider.

We cannot specify provider schedules with the appointment scheduling that is packaged with Bahmni. One can define schedules for the services instead. Please refer: to understand services in detail

For our implementation being able to block time for providers for meetings / leaves / etc. would be extremely beneficial. Additionally, this would aid us in calculating workload capacity based on the number of appointments scheduled and the providers availability. And the registration / medical secretary will be able to see readily that a provider is not available, for example from 10am to 1pm due to a meeting and would not book appointments during this time period

Defining schedules for services would not be helpful as one service can have multiple providers associated with it.

Yes, this is exactly what I was saying. Provider based scheduling feature is available with OpenMRS Appointment module but unfortunately that module does not seem to install if Bahmni Appointment Schedule module is in place. Can both module work along ?

If we can make Patient ID a non mandatory field. Implementations can create a service called “No Service” and use this service to block time against providers.

Not exactly a solution, but a work around may be?

But that workaround may not be suitable here as we need to block provider against Patient ID also. Moreover Appointment Schedule module bundled with Bahmni does not restrict provider for same slot booking multiple times, however the module shows a warning for patient only for same slot booking.