Provider failed to submit xform

Hi everyone! I am using openmrs 2.2.1 with xform 4.3.14. My forms submitted successfuly when I select some providers and failed when I select other providers. I am getting an error “column ‘provider_id’ cannot be null”. How do I fix this? provider failed submit -

Because those providers no longer exist in the database.

They don’t exist on which table because when I look at provider’s list on openmrs Administration I can see them and also I can see them on provider table in mysql?

Can you save the xform and share it via

counselling xform - But it happens to more than one form for specific providers.

I mean save as PurcForm.

I did not get you? Did you want me save the form after filling the data like this? counselling form -

Under the file menu you will see the option.

Here it is. counselling xform1 -

Can you cross check with this <xf:select1 bind="encounter.provider_id"> <xf:label>PROVIDER ID</xf:l - and confirm that those providers exist in your database table and have a provider_id that matches the value in that xml?

They are different but for some users the form submit successfully. The provider with given name “Emanuel” with provider_id 84 on database and his id is 197 in xml form does not submit. But user with provider_id 67 on the database and 180 on xml but can submit the form successfully.

  1. This one can submit successfully <xf:item id=“180”> xf:labelLulu Wilson Ismael [180]</xf:label> xf:value180</xf:value>

2.This one cannot submit <xf:item id=“197”> xf:labelEmanuel Ally Nyenza [197]</xf:label> xf:value197</xf:value>

On the database i have the last provider_id 87.

While on the form designer, go to the Form Fields panel on the left hand side, right click on Provider and select Delete. Then save and close the form designer. Open it again and under the Form Fields panel on the left hand side, right click and select Refresh. Save and test form submission again.

Thank you I have tried it and the form submit successfully.

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