Provider data is not getting sync from MRS to Openelis

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: .93

Question: I installed 0.93 version for our clinic and lab, I created a person and registered that person as a provider using admin configuration and created a login role for the provider. when the provider creates lab order . i can see the order in the lab but provider name is(requesting doctor name) is missing in the Lab order. It seems provider information is not getting sync with Lab. Do I need to add configuration to enable this one.

@angshuonline or @binduak - I’m guessing this is a Bahmni related issue, judging by the 0.93 version number?

Please see this documentation on how to add a provider to OpenELIS (so it shows up in Requester list):

An interesting script I encountered today that does the reverse – copy providers from ELIS to OpenMRS. FYI for your reference: jss-config/ at master · JanSwasthyaSahyog/jss-config · GitHub

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@gsluthra Can we automate this process through feed instead of using manual screen.

I agree that it should ideally be automated. Doing this in SQL is not a good idea. Can you raise a Feature Request for this in JIRA (and post the JIRA ticket link here)?

cc: @akhil @abhinab @angshuonline