Provider data is not getting sync from MRS to Openelis

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: .93

Question: I installed 0.93 version for our clinic and lab, I created a person and registered that person as a provider using admin configuration and created a login role for the provider. when the provider creates lab order . i can see the order in the lab but provider name is(requesting doctor name) is missing in the Lab order. It seems provider information is not getting sync with Lab. Do I need to add configuration to enable this one.

@angshuonline or @binduak - I’m guessing this is a Bahmni related issue, judging by the 0.93 version number?

Please see this documentation on how to add a provider to OpenELIS (so it shows up in Requester list):

An interesting script I encountered today that does the reverse – copy providers from ELIS to OpenMRS. FYI for your reference: jss-config/ at master · JanSwasthyaSahyog/jss-config · GitHub

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@gsluthra Can we automate this process through feed instead of using manual screen.

I agree that it should ideally be automated. Doing this in SQL is not a good idea. Can you raise a Feature Request for this in JIRA (and post the JIRA ticket link here)?

cc: @akhil @abhinab @angshuonline

Thank you @gsluthra for the comments. I noticed open elis provides an option to add provider in new sample screen but it is commented in the code(.93 version ) /openelis/WebContent/pages/sample/SampleOrderInfoSection.jsp and also commented in the Action method SamplePatientEntrySaveAction

Can someone let me know whether it was done purposefully; We get lot of lab orders directly from outside, this functionality help us to add provider directly in the lab instead of adding in MRS.

are you referring to this line?

Maybe I am not understanding … I tried out the following and checked on QA04,

  • I can order and see the requester name in ELIS (provider) if order flows from MRS.
  • In new sample collection, I can select the provider as well

This is what I see default with .93 release version

After enabling the following fields in BahmniFormFields. I am able to add new requester directly from sample screen. I would like to know why Bahmni not using these fields. These fields will enable to add provider/requester from “add sample” screen(for outside lab orders) and helps to report collection time, receive time in the report.

Sorry failing to understand, you want to enable free-text entry of requester? You can - but it will not sync back to OMRS and also we will not be able to map to practitioner is ELIS. If you are ok with that, you may enable them so.

Thanks for quick response, we don’t want sync outside doctors information in mrs, this is mainly for the lab orders that we receive from outside. Is it possible to add times for receive, collection and test dates in next version this will help to show information on the lab report.

Sure. Please raise a card with your request. In most of the scenarios of Bahmni, its the other way round though - a test may be referred out.