Proposing to Upgrade Vineet Sharma to /dev/3


I’d like to propose @vasharma05 for the dev/3 role on Talk as well as GitHub. @vasharma05 has been a valuable and active contributor on a many parts of the O3 frontend, including, but not limited to,

  • Registration
  • Compact patient search, Advanced patient search
  • Service queues
  • Test results
  • Implementor tools

Based on these contributions, his weekly presence in the frontend squad, and valuable daily assistance on the openmrs3-helpme slack, I feel Vineet is deserving of this promotion.

Thank you for your consideration


Congratulations @vasharma05 you really deserve and thanks for being a blessing. I have really learned a lot from you and Zac.

Congratulations @vasharma05! Well deserved.

congs @vasharma05 :sunglasses: :+1:

Thank you @zacbutko, @jwnasambu, @ruhanga and @gcliff!!!


Congratulations @vasharma05 . Very well deserved .

Thank you @mozzy!

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Congrats @vasharma05 and well deserved!

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congrats @vasharma05


Thank you @mksd and @herbert24 !!!

And @zacbutko, you should also definitely be a /dev/4 + .

congs @vasharma05 . yet to get to your inbox for mentorship

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For sure @taremwatadeo !

He is actually /dev/5 on GitHub. He’s not assigned a group on talk.

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Congratulations @vasharma05 Well deserved for the great work around the community.

Very well deserved!!

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I have just fixed that. :slight_smile:

@vasharma05 i have seen you shine to the point that i completely agree with everyone else! Keep up the awesomeness! :hugs:


Awesome , congz @zacbutko . I knew you are a /dev/4 and above.

@mozzy what @zacbutko does is beyond dev 4 and you were right just by a mere glance :grinning:

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Congratulations @vasharma05 and @zacbutko. Well deserved.