Proposing Addition of Head circumference Concept to MVP-CIEL

Following the discussions around Inclusion of the Growth Chart feature into Reff app 2.10.

I would want to propose addition of the Head circumference Concept to CIEL, as it is one of the concepts on which the Growth chart feature is based on.

see PR.

Here is the Head circumference Concept from the isanteplus server.

cc @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ball @akanter @c.antwi @darius

instead of using a Concept id in this Global prob , i would need to use a UUID , But @akanter would first have to add this concept to CIEL and we get the standard UUID

Head circumference is already there in cm. Ciel 5314.

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI +1.646.469.2421

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i think i was mistaken that openmrs standalone comes with CIEL by default. i was testing out that from the default concepts that comes with ref app.

That is a natural thing to do. We need to add that concept to the default concepts required by the Ref app.


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Am not so good at using the OCL , is what named as External ID: , the same as UUID ??

. I want to use the concept UUID as the global property configurable value instead of concept id .

Perfect guess @mozzy . External ID in OCL is the concept uuid.

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cc @akanter @dkayiwa @c.antwi @ball . We need to add that concept to the default concepts that come with reff app

To be honest, I am not sure what the code is that does the concept extraction. I know that it uses the latest release of CIEL, but not how the concepts are selected for inclusion.

This is a great question @mozzy. I’m not positive, but I think you would modify the openmrs-module-referencemetadata, by adding the CIEL concept for head circumference:

You might also need to update the version in this file:

i have created a ticket for this


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