Proposed Uganda 2016 date change: What's your opinion?

Hi everyone,

We have had a number of conversations around Uganda 2016, and one of the concerns that we’ve seen/heard is that September is too soon for us to make effective plans, and also, for many of you (attendees) to finalize your travel preparations.

Based on these needs, the Ugandan team have have voiced their willingness to move back Uganda 2016 to the 6th -11th December. This choice was made mindful of many events/holidays, including US thanksgiving weekend. Also, it concedes with the usual OpenMRS meeting timeline that many of you are accustomed to.

[Note: the initially-announced dates are 6-9 Sept.]

Does the community agree that December is better than September? are there any unforeseen issues that we have failed to consider?


I like the idea. It helps the community rally around this meeting in multiple ways.

Thanks to the Ugandans for considering it. :slight_smile:

Agree with Paul. It would certainly make it more likely that I would be able to attend! And I would like to :slight_smile:

really an excellent idea! I think it’s the ideal outcome.

This sounds like a good idea to me as well… one question, though, do we know if others (perhaps others who don’t follow these lists) already made flight/travel plans, etc for the September Uganda meeting? Or were most of the planned participants generally local?


@mogoodrich, good question; based on the current list of registrants for the conference, I think its a safe bet that we’re not affecting any major travel plans :slight_smile:

Sounds like an excellent idea. It not only gives time to arrange travel, but also may allow time for some more universal “summit-like” programming if we and they wish to do so.


I personally would not be able to make the September dates, but am much more likely to be able to arrange for this in December. I had the same concerns as @mogoodrich about affecting others who already have committed, but if this is not an issue I would certainly vote for December.

Thanks! Mike

Am agreeing with everyone here that December is a best date range for myself as well. I would be far more happy and available to get involved in the planning etc if we moved the meeting to December, i have so-far been too much fixed and less involved as my consciousness and interest draws me to engage.

@jmpango, what’s coming from our organisation committees about this proposed change that would most likely bring more OpenMRS worldwide attendees to join us in Uganda!!!

Can we double check with any invitees by the organizing group to make sure that they are also OK with the date change in regards to travelers? Sounds like they are…

Uganda welcomes the new proposed dates, i.e December and we are looking forward to seeing you all here in Uganda!

Communication is going to be made for those that had made payments for the September implementer’s meeting and they will be notified about the changed dates.

The local Ugandan planning committee is already planning for December because we want to have as many people as possible to attend this only one OpenMRS event in 2016


That’s wonderful @jmpango!

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Yes - @jmpango - I’m glad the change will work well for people already planning to attend the meeting.


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Does the Ugandan team want to keep this as “#UGAOMRS16” or rebrand it as “#OMRS16 in Uganda”?

@burke #OMRS16 will be adopted. Thanks for that keen observation


Hello, @jmpango and @surangak I applaud the move to December. Does this mean participation/registration fee payment dates have also been moved? Logistically, some organizations like ours need funds to be released from abroad which takes a minute. Please let me know when the new deadlines (if there) for registering and paying are set?


Looking forward to a December visit to Uganda!

By the way, i do not see a single trace of this at

Did i just look at the wrong place? :smile:

@dkayiwa I think this is because it was just proposed and being discussed as an option last week. If this is indeed the way forward (which it appears that way) then communications will need to be updated this week.

You’re right. Unfortunately, I dont have rights to I think Burke has (?) but yes, will try to co-ordinate this with him. @burke is currently in Kenya, so this may take awhile :frowning:

@surangak could there be anyone else on the infrastructure team who has access to Most people who visit us stop at, and hence having this updated the earliest will be the better!