Proposed Options for Recent Pineapple Donation

For the last few weeks, the leadership team has been discussing a potential spend plan for our recent donation. We want to gather community input to help inform our recommendations to the OpenMRS BoD. Currently we are thinking of spending the money over a seven year period. We are considering recommending that half of the allotted annual money be used for operational needs within the community such as a community manager and/or technical project manager. The other half would be used for projects that are identified and prioritized by members of the community.

We would like for you to comment on this proposed spend plan, including providing your input on the importance of the different factors outlined below. We will be using your feedback to develop a procedure to solicit projects and evaluate them for funding.

Prioritization factors for project selection that have been proposed in the discussions include:

  • Catalytic Ideas: transformative
  • Value to Health Equity
  • Patient Safety impact
  • Quality of Care impact
  • High Priority
  • Sustainability
  • Who benefits (the community or specific population)
  • Consequences of inertia
  • Cost (limit to x amount–??)
  • Time to completion
  • Other (Please indicate any other factors that should potentially be included)

Thanks for your time and input into this.