Proposed date for Bahmni 91 release


One of our implementations are looking forward for OT module which will be available only from 91 release. Can we know the proposed date for 91 release. It would really help if the release is any time soon.

@pramidat, sorry for the slow response on this.

As I understand it the OT work is still being merged as BAH-489.

We don’t have an target release date est, but it’s not currently planned to be “soon”. Can we discuss scope and timing of the 0.91 release on the next PAT call?

The working idea is that we’d have few (~2) releases per year, given the small core team, and the amount of effort required to do the releases, but if an implementation is able to commit resources to doing a release, it could likely happen faster. (At least, this is how OpenMRS works, and how Bahmni has been able to push our faster OpenMRS releases.)