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We’d like to schedule a call for

Title: “Module to collect data from user-related forms”

Description: The discussion will focus on developing a module, or enhancing an existing one in order to capture data that is not directly linked with patients, but part of the implementation. For example, recurring data related to facility performance or feedback from community health workers, etc.

Required attendee(s): @maimoonak, @ningosi, @rabbia.hassan, @darius, @shujaat

Desired timing: Next open slot on Wednesday when attendees are able to join.

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Title. Refactoring RefApp UI (login, landing page) to use Javascript+REST to promote greater collaboration

Description. During OMRS17, we had a session specifically discussing ways we could create greater collaboration beyond the platform (notes). One of the action items from that discuss was to refactor the main UI components of the Reference Application (specifically, login page & landing page, then maybe dashboard ±visit page) to use contemporary development techniques that we want to promote –i.e., React or Angular against REST, npm, maybe webpack or similar technologies. As Darius put it (paraphrasing): “I don’t want to devs to have to learn extra OpenMRS-specific steps in order to add an app to the RefApp.”

Goal: Determine strategy for refactoring login page and landing page, including technologies/approach to be used and draft action plan. Our intent to complete this refactoring before GSoC starts in May.

Required attendee(s). @darius, @dkayiwa, at least one of @wyclif & @raff if we can’t have both.

Others I know may be particularly interested: @mseaton, @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @jdick. Of course, we’d love to have anyone join who can help contribute toward our goal.

Desired timing. Next available slot (I’m covering inpatient service 9-26 Feb, so would like to fit in this call and, if we need it, a follow-up call before 9 Feb).

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for what it’s worth, I will be unavailable Jan 25th to Jan 30th, but feel free to have the call without me… I am interested in following this, though.

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Hi all,

I’d like to schedule a design session focused on improving concept dictionary management for OpenMRS using OCL. We had a preliminary discussion in January where we outlined 3 milestones that we hope to hit in 2018 so that OCL can be a more valuable tool for the OMRS community. This topic corresponds to milestone 2 in these notes:

Thanks! Jon

Title. Implementing LDAP support in Atlas 3.1 project,

Description. During GSoC 2016, a new version of the Atlas server code was written in nodejs as the Atlas 3.0 Project, but this new, node-based server code was never fully deployed.Since in 2017 the authentication is switched to LDAP, it is needed to implement the same in atlas 3.1 project.

Goal: Determine strategy for designing the authentication module with LDAP and discussing other security related issues.

Required attendee(s). @burke @pascal @shekhar

Desired timing. 28 Feb (Since GSoc applications would start from 12th March).

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On Monday March 19 I would like to discuss this on an OpenMRS design call:

Specifically, this is work that a team is about to start doing for a Bahmni implementation project, and they’re asking for design feedback up front, when it’s easier to incorporate. And so that the output can be more generally useful for Bahmni (and presumably for OpenMRS too).

FYI @mseaton, @mksd, @jdick , @nkimaina, @pramidat

(Also FYI @paynejd since this will preemput our scheduled OCL discussion. But I promise to send some mockups soon.)

We would like to discuss the work on the Condition Lists for Ref App work done in the OMRS17 hackathon for inclusion in RefApp 2.8 on the next (Wed, 11 April) design forum.

At least a quorum of @darius, @ssmusoke, and @burke should be in attendance. If @insiderish is able to join, that’d be swell. :slight_smile:

Super. PIH will join the discussion. We appreciate the emphasis on the work.

That’s great!

Based on yesterday’s quarterly Scrum of Scrums I would like to propose several design topics:

  1. Data Warehousing and Analytics

    • Description: The eSaude team wants to work on data warehousing and analytics in the upcoming quarter. They are interested to learn about existing work by Bahmni and PIH, to understand if they can leverage one of these approaches.
    • Required attendee(s): @ningosi, @valvijo, @pramidat, @mseaton
    • Desired Timing: eSaude should comment on this
  2. UI Dev Conventions

    • Description: A lot of JS development is happening these days, it feels very scattered, and many people don’t know what the current best practices are or what code/libraries they should be starting from. Let’s have a call to see if we can identify good practices and reusable components being used in recent development, and document them in an obvious place.
    • Required attendee(s): @dkayiwa, @darius, (@raff), @darius, @burke, @mogoodrich
    • Desired Timing: no preference
  3. OCL for OpenMRS

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A design call to discuss approaches for simpler appointments scheduling, whether this can be based on the current appointment scheduling or a new module based on Patient Appointment Scheduling - Integration with other forms

Required @mseaton @mogoodrich @ddesimone @darius @dkayiwa (hoping to leverage Andela team), @burke @mksd (Did you need something like this some time ago, it may have skipped my mind) @wyclif

@ssmusoke see the second half of my message here about my opinion about having yet another appointment scheduling module.

So there are already two appointment scheduling OpenMRS modules out there, there should be a way to not create a third one…

Otherwise, on the principle, I support moving forward enhancements of the appointment scheduling feature and achieving a better integration with other tools/screens/APIs in OpenMRS and its distributions.

Adding Order Status for Orders

Description: The PIH team is looking to build functionality for “Order Tracking”, and adding a “status” to Orders would help to facilitate this.

Required attendee(s): @burke @darius @mseaton @mogoodrich

Desired Timing: ASAP (just not the one starting in 15 minutes)

Following up with the discussion here(Order Entry UI Sprint 7 Progress), we would like to schedule a design forum.

Title: Discuss/finalize the Consolidated Order Entry UI design/flow.

Description: Consolidated Order Entry UI is a proposal from @ddesimone, more details about it can be found in this Talk post.
A team of developers from Andela(which I am a part of) has started working on the initial design provided in the Talk post and here is a link to the sprint announcement Order Entry UI Sprint 7 Announcement.
However, there have been a lot of feedback given on the initial design(here and here) which has to be integrated into what is already existing. This call is meant to help facilitate the discussion on how to integrate the feedback provided into what is already existing.

Required attendee(s): @ddesimone, @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @jteich, @darius, @mseaton, @burke, @efosa, @topseysuave

Desired timing: Next Available Slot(16th July 2018).

cc: @jthomas

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Design forum to discuss/finalize the Consolidated Order Entry UI design/flow

Title: Adding end-to-end test automation to OpenMRS applications

Description: Several times a year we run a suite of front-end tests to validate core scenarios in the Esaude POC. We run these tests manually which requires a dedicated team and several months of work. During the spring of 2018 we developed an end-to-end automation tests framework–using CodeceptJS and puppeteer–to run tests automatically. Since then we’ve automated several tests in our suite to run in under 5 mins total, tests that previously took hours to run manually. We think this work is important because it will allow us to validate core scenarios much more frequently–on a daily basis before new code is checked in rather than on a quarterly basis–which should result in less regressions and more time for new features. We still have quite a bit of work to do, but would like to present what we have done so far in hopes it resonates with others in the community.

Goal: Present our end-to-end automation framework and discuss ways that it can be improved upon and used by others members of the OpenMRS commuity.

Required attendees: @valvijo @janflowers @ningosi @asacur

Desired time: Early Aug

cc: @jthomas @burke


I would like to suggest a design call to look at Ampath Form Builder technology and lessons learned implementing it as part of the process of working towards Point of Care + Retrospective Entry - Advice, Experiences and Best Practices

Needed @jdick Nicky Kimaina @darius @slubwama @slubwama1

@ddesimone @mogoodrich - would love to hear how this compares with your experience with Bhamni forms

@mksd @mksrom Ideas and comments given your current working with Bhamni Forms

Hi, can we have a Design Call tomorrow June 25 for data model or other design questions for the Oncology module we are building as part of the 3 week IBM Health Corps engagement?

We are midway through the engagement and it’s important to get through some of these questions as soon as possible. We will post something for review tomorrow morning. Sorry for the short notice.

I would be great to have: @ddesimone @mseaton @mogoodrich @burke @darius @jdick @jteich

Thanks! Dave