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I know we have a number of people currently helping us with helpdesk issues, however i am thinking that we probably need someone much more available to respond to any helpdesk permission related issues such as assigning users edit rights, editing pages etc. do we have someone more available dedicated to this work? i think we need more people from different timezones to keep up with the speed at which requests may come into helpdesk. currently a number of GCI students need WIKI edit privilege to proceed. can someone help out to quickly address these issues.

CC: @pascal, @jeffneiman, @terry, @burke, @hilz041, @harsha89, @dkayiwa, @surangak


For what its worth, for just today alone, the first GCI day, 90% of the IRC student problems are to do with openmrs id login problems.


@k.joseph I can create some time each day to do that, what i need to know is the procedures and the contact person to guide me on how to assign editing rights. Qsn. When one is given rights to edit, does this work for a particular period of time or its open as long as one still uses Openmrs? Thanks

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I think quite a few things played out. Two given facts:

  • We had GCI starting
  • A new user might need access to JIRA, confluence (and possibly have their IP unblocked too!)

I think @pascal and myself are the ones doing the bulk of helpdesk infrastructure these days. And we were not aware that we’d have in influx of new requests on Monday (I assumed GCI students had requested access before).

Regardless, Pascal appear to have clean up the queue for the day, but next GCI or any event like that we need to prepare a little bit more. I’d love to make sure the organisers can provide access to students (with credentials and documentation on how to do it!), and also a heads up for us to be ‘on call’ if any problem would happen.

Do we expect more users than we’ve already registered?

I saw that Burke restarted it, I think it got less flaky after that, right?

It’s forever :smiley:

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@cintiadr @pascal Just a headsup that I have an activity tomorrow 12/1 from 10am to noon US/Eastern Time, tomorrow Thursday December 1, 2016 as @dkayiwa and I will be giving an OpenMRS Immersion course at one of the hubs


Thanks so much for that.

It’s the middle of the night for me, but I hope @pascal will be able to be there in case something needs to be restarted :stuck_out_tongue:

Please only edit user groups from Formage. That is the primary means of user management. Crowd is rarely needed.

ID dashboard 2.1 needs to be deployed – and will be likely after GCI ends. I’m not gonna bring ID dashboard down during big events.