Project: UI for common Lab Modules

Greeting everyone, I have been away for some time due to other commitments. Coming back to the community I was going through the project page, I will love to work on the UI for Common Lab Modules which is a project I had for GSoC-2019 but could not complete. Is anyone working on this?

I will love to see this to the end. cc @mozzy @tahira


Hi @wandji69, there is a lot of work being done right now in OpenMRS 3.0 around lab tests. Looking forward I would shy away from developing new UIs anywhere else at this stage.

Cc @grace


Hi @mksd, thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the tag @mksd. @wandji69 it’s great to hear you are interested in this! There is a volunteer contributor team working on this, perhaps you’d like to join them?

The UX lead is Ajay Brar ( and the BA lead is @nokrte. I’d recommend reaching out to @nokrte if you’d like to get actively involved.

In the meantime, you are also welcome to follow the conversation about the work, and the latest designs, with us in the OpenMRS slack ( at this channel: #mf-test-results-viewer You’re welcome to join in the discussions there too!

Thanks, @grace for the direction. I will get in touch with @nokrte by the end of the day.

Thanks once more.

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