Project Management Meeting 2017-06-12

@darius, @terry, and @jthomas,

Unfortunately, I have a conflict that I cannot miss that straddles today’s PM call and design call. Then I start up attending wards in the hospital for a couple weeks, so I will miss today’s PM call along with the next two weeks (19-June and 26-June).

I hope you’ll be able to lead folks through the weekly items and review the pmtool. I’ll do my best to track asynchronously.


-@burke :burke:

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Thanks for this reminder @burke. Will you still be working on the Platform vision over this time? How can we keep moving this forward? Is there a way to get updates for the PM call so everyone is in the know?

Here is the agenda/notes for today’s PM call -

Also wondering what quarterly items people feel should be reviewed this month.