Project Management Meeting 2016-03-07

Here are the notes from today’s project management call. Action items from this meeting are as follows;

  • @wyclif will reach out to @vinay and @darius to plan for work on order set merging
  • @jdegraft will be working to create CIEL data for Reference App 2.4 release this week and getting module releases done over the next week

I see @jdegraft is looking at releasing the CIEL dictionary (releasing reference metadata module), but, I would recommend releasing it right before the reference application module because of two reasons -

  1. The CIEL dictionary is constantly updated and if a new version is released after you release the reference metadata module and before complete RA 2.4 release there will be some inconsistencies.

  2. This is one of the main RA modules that are considered to be the packaging the whole product, having them released together in the end would be “best practice” as it would avoid issues such as “1” and other unseen errors.