Programs and Form Builder (observations)

Hello! My name is Ana Maria Espinoza, I´m new implementer in Bahmni /OpenMRS and would like to have more detailed information on how the templates (or forms) using as “observations” interacts with the Programs area. My specific questions is if I could use a template as Program?

Thanks for any further info can be provided.

I don’t quite understand the question. Could you try asking it another way?

Are you asking if you can have a form that only applies to patients enrolled in a particular program, or something like that?

Hi. Sorry for my confusing question. Let me re-phrase. If I design a new template for a particular clinical observation, let´s a clinic form to capture info about abortion; does this form can be used in the Program area?

Do let me know pls if my question is a bit more clear now.


Programs module doesn’t support any observation template yet. All the observations via templates are captured in Clinical Module (observations Tab).

However, Bahmni supports associating a template to a program.

One can configure observation templates specific to progams. So, when there is a navigation to observation tab via programs module, then these configured templates will be visible by default on the page.

Is this what you are asking for ?

Yes! thanks for your quick answer and for the doc link.

Have a great day