Problems with quotations in Bahmni OpenERP

Hi All,

I realised that each time a quotation is raised in OpenERP, the ‘QUANTITY’ column always reads ‘1’ while the intended total qty from Bahmni goes under the ‘COMMENTS’ column.

Eg.: Product| Comments| Quantity| Unit Price| Subtotal Paracetamol 500mg (Tablet)| 40.0 Tablet(s)| 1.000| 1.00| 1.00

Instead of posting 40 to the quantity column, it is rather posted under comments thereby rendering the quotation value wrong.

Pls how do I resolve this?

Hi Ekow,

This is a bit intentional.

Many units like “ml”, “teaspoon” etc, which a medical practitioner uses while ordering a medicine, cannot be directly converted to units in which pharmacy sells the medicine . e.g Let say doctor orders 5 ml of Syrup, twice daily for 7 days i.e. 70ml of syrup, but pharmacy sells the syrup in “Bottle of 100ml” unit only. So while syncing drug order from OpenMRS to ERP, we add “70ml” in comments section with quantity as “1” and unit as “Bottle of 100ml”. Billing Clerk/Pharmacist will manually check before confirming the sales quotation.

Now for units like “Tablets, Capsules etc”, its easy to sync the quantity directly. So there is a setting in ERP to enable the quantity sync for such units. Goto “Sales > Units to be Synced” > Create > (Enter unit name) > Save" . This should sync correct quantity for configured units.

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Thank you very much Vinkesh, after carrying out the steps shown above, it’s updating now and quotation value is correct too.

I have another request though;

Today only Drug order and Lab Tests are billable and get synced from OpenMRS to ERP, if I am not mistaken.

1.a) In healthcare setups where other services like Ultrasound scan, xray, etc - apart from Labs - are charged for, how do I configure these services so that OpenMRS will post it to ERP?

1.b) I haven’t been able to configure PACS yet but was wondering, has PACS got the ability to post to ERP?

  1. Doctor’s Consultation Fees and some other services are billed for in most of the healthcare facilities in my country. However, at the discretion of the seeing medical doctor, it may be waived especially when the patient came back for a review within say a two-week period from the last visit. How can I effect this under the ‘CONSULTATION’ area.

Thanks again in advance.

Best regards, Ekow.

Hi Ekow,

Please go through . It will give you some understanding on how to setup radiology orders in openMRS.

Once you are able to order a Radiology order, we need start consuming these orders in OpenERP. For this, goto “Sales > Order Type to Shop Mapping” > Create > (Add ordertype same as that in OpenMRS, e.g. ‘Radiology Order’, Add a Shop, others can be left blank. > Save .

I am assuming orders to PACS will be an Radiology order, which can be consumed in ERP from OpenMRS itself. Not sure of use case where ERP needs to consume some data from PACS.

Can this be thought of as Discount given to the patient. We can create multiple Discount heads to track different kind of discounts given.

We will shortly try to document these steps in our wiki.