Problems with locating old module versions on Modulus

I have been for the past few days investigating issues with an older openmrs implementation and i have noticed a bunch of issues that i hope to share with the community if that’s necessary as i resolve a number of them for the needed modules!

Still, I have noticed that there’s currently no way to find older versions of each specific module on Modulus( ). It lists only the last ten uploads and that’s all, no paging support or older versions link whatsoever! Am disappointed by this and would love to have this worked on. However, for now i need to figure out how i can get/download already compiled older versions of most modules to save me the pain of resolving compatibility issues for each module that i want when re-compiling it myself!

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Some modules (those that are part of the reference application, or for which the author does releases using the maven release plugin) are available in our maven repository.

You’d search for ${moduleId}-omod, for example:;quick~htmlformentry-omod

Then you can download the artifact, and rename it from something-omod.jar to something.omod.


thanks @darius, that was very helpful to me

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