Problems with android client

Hello everybody,

I have downloaded and started playing a little bit with the last OpnMRS Android Client (release v2.8.0). I logged in in the demo server and then I think I am missing something around, because I am finding many “issues”.

Just entering the app I see a toast saying “Failed to fetch visit type”.

Apart from this error, everything seems to work properly. So I register a patient, synchronization ok. I start a visit but then I can’t enter any forms.

Also when I go to settings page, a warning appears saying that I should download concepts, but then I try to download them and the app crashes.

Any clues about what is going on?

cc @f4ww4z

helo @jamessmith , your welcome to openmrs community

can this be of help?

First of all, thanks for your answers!

Ok, now adding encounters and form entries when a patient is created and a visit is started is working. (Don’t know what I was missing but it’s ok :slight_smile: )

Now is still failing the concepts download and the “Failed to fetch visit type” keeps showing:


As a new user, I can’t upload more than one image, so here I put a link to view it:

Any clues about what am I missing?

Still getting the same issues. Someone who could help?