Problems installing Eclipse plugins

Eclipse Luna

Question: Hi guys, iam trying to install the eclise plugins from, but eclipse says “Could not fine”, plz help me.

The Behaviour Test Generator plugin from that site is no longer generating the recommended tests. So you can just ignore it.

Is the plugin available somewhere else?

Ive recently pointed people to but now I see that the url doesnt work :hushed:

Is there another URL? So I can update the wiki

can someone please help, @raff or @dkayiwa PRs keep coming in the old unit test style and I point them to the plugin so its easy for newcomers but the url is broken

I noticed that too. But i totally have no idea regarding why the link got broken. @burke could you be knowing?

Maybe related to this and got deleted? If so, hopefully @cintiadr has a backup.

Yes, I do have a backup!

I will recover that folder :smiley:

Can you test installing the plugin now?

Good Afternoon, I encountered a similar issue to this while using the link given to us at the installation documentation. I was wondering if there was a new way to install the plugin or I should just install it from the Eclipse Marketplace.