Problem with Running Bahmni on Docker -- OpenMRS isn't set up?

I’m trying out @angshuonline’s new instructions for Running Bahmni on Docker, which I’m sure I’ll love when I get things working…

I have run through the instructions, with inventory_name=aws_qa03 and also with And I have also tried rpm_version=0.90-275 and 0.90*.

The error I keep getting is that many things seem to be installed, but OpenMRS is not configured right. It’s running, but at https://localhost/openmrs I see the startup error “Error occurred while trying to get the updates needed for the database. Unable to get a connection to the database…Access denied for user ‘openmrs-user’@‘localhost’”. Looking at mysql, there has been no openmrs database created, and no user named openmrs-user.

Does this look familiar to anyone? I’m sure that I could go in and manually create users, but I want to know why they didn’t work so I can fix the docker container. (The error itself is probably not docker-specific.)

Continuing my debugging…

In bahmni-installer.log I see that things didn’t get set up correctly in the script for the bahmni-openmrs rpm. The first error message I see is:

ERROR 1396 (HY000) at line 1: Operation CREATE USER failed for ‘openmrs-user’@‘’

But since no openmrs database has been created I think there was an unreported error earlier…

I wonder if some other ansible role has changed the root mysql password away from “password”?

Anyway, any help here is most welcome!