Problem with Request Mapping and Controller in new created module

Hello, I have created my own module for OpenMRS based on OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. OpenMRS version is 2.3.0. Java version and Tomcat version are also correct. First, the legacy UI was working fine but after deploying my module the UI is failing.

Maybe there is a problem with the RequestMapping of the Controller. But I am not sure because no error is given by OpenMRS.

Here is the github link to my projekt: GitHub - MaxOS825/openmrs-module-deviceconnector: OpenMRS Module for adding medical devices

Thanks for your help!

How do you tell that the UI is failing?

Because it says that openmrs is successfully running but when i write the url of my new module, the following error occurs:

@dkayiwa do you have any idea about the problem?

Are all your changes committed? Your module does not start because of this error: Ambiguous mapping. Cannot map 'deviceconnectorController' method org.openmrs.module.deviceconnector.web.controller.DeviceconnectorController#onPost(HttpSession, Object, BindingResult) to {POST [/module/deviceconnector/deviceconnector.list]}: There is already 'deviceconnector.DeviceconnectorController' bean method org.openmrs.module.deviceconnector.web.controller.DeviceconnectorController#onPost(HttpSession, Object, BindingResult) mapped.

Yes you are right. I also got to this error message of using just the controller-method without the bean method cause there is already a mapping, but it also does not work if I just use one of them. So it also would not recognize a single mapping of the two kinds. The result would be still no module and no error message.

I am not quite sure how to handle this now and get it running…any advice?

Can you restore to the point where you accessed the browser and got a 404?

What do you mean by restore? Here are still my latest commits: GitHub - MaxOS825/openmrs-module-deviceconnector: OpenMRS Module for adding medical devices

So nothing changed here. The issue is still the same like you mentioned above and the error code is also still there.

Did you figure this out?

No, still not working.

The error is caused by your having mapped DeviceconnectorController both using xml and annotations. Use one of the two.

I know, but even if I just pick one of the two, it is not able to recognize the mapping and its still not working.

You need to first of all fix that and commit, before i can continue with the investigation.