Problem with module sockethl7listener and chirdlutil

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.7.0

Question: Hello everyone

first of all, I’m totally new to OpenMRS its absolutely possible that I missed an important basic step (Java 8 is installed everywhere, however)

For evaluating whether we can use openMRS to test our hl7 Modules in a realistic Scenario, I installed the standanlone version of OpenMRS That worked well … besides the fact that within the administration area the manage modules section leads to an 404. Since I had to install the sockethl7listener and its prerequisites chirdlutil and chirdlutilbackports, I downloaded the omod files and dropped them into the \appdata\modules folder. But now the server didnt start anymore. It throws an Exception. The root exception seems to be this one:

CannotLoadBeanClassException: Error loading class [org.openmrs.module.chirdlutil.web.MemoryLeakMonitorController] for bean with name ‘memoryLeakMonitor’ defined in URL [jar:file:/C:/openmrs/referenceapplication-standalone-2.7.0/appdata/.openmrs-lib-cache/chirdlutil/chirdlutil.jar!/moduleApplicationContext.xml]: problem with class file or dependent class; nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/web/servlet/mvc/SimpleFormController

I tried it on windows server 2016, win7 and win10. On each the same behaviour.

Any ideas about this issue?

Somehow this module chirdlutil is having an issue at runtime finding an implementation for Spring’s SimpleFormController, preventing it to start.

I don’t know anything about that module, but perhaps is it not compatible with OpenMRS Core 2.0.x (which is what’s being run against when running Ref App 2.7). There could be a Spring version mismatch of some sort since Spring was upgraded at some point in Core (here actually when going through the 1.12.x upgrade).