Problem with execute case

Hey there! I’m facing a problem while doing the Execute Test Case task…

Like when I click on the link given as resource in the task instance ( it takes me to this page -

After this I click on the link given in the first step that has the link :-

but after clicking on this link it bring me here :-

Now here I am facing the problem! Please help me out!

Many people suggested me to Log Out and Login again but even that didn’t work out!!!

Hmm. I think any admin can guide you :slight_smile:

Hii @darshvatsa, I first taught it was authentication problem so I recommended relogging in but I’ve figured out the problem, the link given in the wiki page is old, Here’s the new corrected linnk :


Or if you want to manually navigate to the Tests cases, goto JIRA -> Reference Application project -> Tests -> Cycle Summary and you shall see all the test cases

All the best for your task :smile: