Problem with claiming a GCI task

I tried to claim this task GCI task but the claim button on this task is not working I guess.

@aryu124 are you working on some other task? If no then it is possible that the task instance(the number of times this task can be claimed) has ran out or a certain number of students are working on it at the moment.

Are you accessing this task through a URL or searching through GCI dashboard?

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I am not working on another task. I searched this task from dashboard, it showed me a link to this task(I raised issue on) which I have to complete before completing this task. But I am not able to claim the task.

Hi @aryu124!

Unfortunately, this task has run out of instances, that’s why it’s impossible to claim it. It cannot be found in the list of current OpenMRS tasks right now. It’s possible that somebody has claimed it just before you :frowning: