Problem running openmrs-standalone 2

Hello, I am also new with openmrs. I am trying to install openmrs-standalone 2.5.0 on MacBook Air M2 with OS Monterey 12.4 and with JAVA 8. I downloaded the .zip file and ran the command “java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar” but nothing happens after that. I am computer illiterate. I would appreciate it if you could help me out.

Can you provide logs

@dkayiwa could this be part of the issue that you addressed about embedded mysql not working for mac?

Most likely. The logs that you asked for will confirm it.

@masa you can find the log file in the extracted tomcat/logs folder.

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How can I see log?

Thanks. Could you describe more about how I can see logs?

I found a tomcat file in the openmrs-standalone-2.5 file.

When I opened the tomcat file, I found two files: conf and webapps.

The conf file contained six documents, including three in xml format.

The webapps contained a file that went further down the levels of the files. But no matter which file I opened, there was no “logs” file.