Problem mvn install openmrs-module-hipmodule

Can someone help me? I’m unable to build openmrs-module-hipmodule

I noticed 2 repositories mentioned in pom.xml (got an error message new user cannot input more than 2 links) My internet connection is fine. The maven.repo.openmrs… opens even in browser but the… gives the below error xml:

NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist. artifactory/snapshot XJ4AGY3GB58XW0EM PWlRoScwbYyfXV79eL95rmiIqrZgM6JPKj0sps9wuOSw1tY6pcc5sBAVBBFesNnuyV6NGaAhJLQ=

The error in running mvn clean install: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Reactor Summary for Hip Module 0.1-SNAPSHOT: [INFO] [INFO] Hip Module … SUCCESS [ 0.339 s] [INFO] HIP Module API … FAILURE [ 4.716 s] [INFO] HIP Module OMOD … SKIPPED [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] BUILD FAILURE [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Total time: 5.754 s [INFO] Finished at: 2023-06-26T15:01:39+03:00 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project hipmodule-api: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.bahmni.module:hipmodule-api:jar:0.1-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at org.openmrs.module:episodes-api:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.openmrs.module:episodes-api:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.openmrs.module:episodes-api:pom:1.0-SNAPSHOT (absent): Could not transfer artifact org.openmrs.module:episodes-api:pom:1.0-SNAPSHOT from/to openmrs-repo-thirdparty (JFrog): status code: 409, reason phrase: (409) → [Help 1] [ERROR] [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch. [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging. [ERROR] [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles: [ERROR] [Help 1] DependencyResolutionException - Apache Maven - Apache Software Foundation [ERROR] [ERROR] After correcting the problems, you can resume the build with the command [ERROR] mvn -rf :hipmodule-api

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

@dane04j Can u paste the command you are running?

Follow this GitHub - BahmniIndiaDistro/openmrs-module-hip: HIP module for exposing HIP specific features from OpenMRS.

mvn clean install

Yes I’ve tried to follow the instructions from there: “You will need to have Java 1.6+ and Maven 2.x+ installed. You need to install the OpenMrs module SDK from”. java version “1.8.0_371” Apache Maven 3.9.2 Also have OpenMRS SDK 4.6.0 setup Able to mvn clean install openmrs-core & run it from that way too; just the hipmodule that is not building so far.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2