Problem Lists in OpenMRS

OpenMRS will soon be adding Problem Lists to the reference application. This is your chance to ensure that these problem lists meet your needs…

  • What does your implementation need from problem lists?
  • How would you expect to use problem lists within your EMR?

FYI – There was a design forum on problem lists 2014-04-14 with a recording here.

Just talkin’ to myself, but I found a good article on problem lists: The Problem List Beyond Meaningful Use.

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Has anyone implemented problem lists in the RefApp?

@burke - When is “soon”?

@ball, the Bahmni team implemented a Condition List API in the emrapi module last year, as part of this ticket: (I don’t know why this ticket hasn’t been closed yet).

Unfortunately nobody has added these to the reference application (or to the Bahmni UI either) yet…

many HIT systems have spent years trying to figure this out. Most US based vendors support an active problem list as well as an inactive list ( and the ability to ‘note’ additional information under any of the problems that are in either list. There is usually a way to delete from either active or inactive, but this info is historically maintained (though not usually visible to the health care team)

Curation of the problem list, as noted in the Burke referenced article, is critical. The development of an end user manual that indicates how to develop,maintain, and curate a problem list would be critical to decreasing the development of ‘worthless’ problem lists.

Thanks for the update, guys. Keep us updated if there is any movement or discussion on this. I would say whenever we demo our latest EMR to clinicians, Problem List is the most common thing they ask about.

I see this on the reference application 2.6 road map: