Problem in Saving Implementer Interface forms

Hi guys,I have noticed a major issue in Bahmni-Connect both app and the PWA when using Forms made using Implementer interface.

When you fill an Observation Form and save the first form,it saves.Same goes for the second form.If you fill a 3rd form and save it ,The 1st form goes away from the left side panel.Even if you sync it, the 1st form’s data is not visible in the online server.

If you click on Add New Form,the the previously filled form(the one that vanished) is available to add.If you add that form,its empty and you have to fill the form details again.

But if I fill 5-6 forms and then save it in the end,then all the forms are saved.Only when I fill one form at a time and save , the problem occurs.

Also If I keep on clicking Save continuously , the forms seem to vanish one by one,until only the last filled form remains.
There seems to be no problems when using the CSV forms,only when using the forms created using implementer interface.
Hope someone can look into the matter.

I have gone through this and i am facing the same issue.

NOTE: The problem is when the Bahmni connect android tablet internet is disconnected

the observation form data of 1st form that has gone away from the left side panel and than when the app gets internet and we sync the data then the data only for two forms is saved and the rest data (data for the first form) is lost.

and when the internet is connected to Bahmni connect android tablet then also the 1st form goes away from the left side panel but at that time data is saved.

This seems like a bug! Can you create one in JIRA?


i have created a jira.