Problem in OpenMRS Dictionary

Openmrs Dictionary is repeated in the past when searching for any query. Please someone is knowledgeable about this issue.

Ramesh, I don’t understand your concern. Can you please provide specific steps and what you are seeing? Thanks

There is a bug in the dictionary/ search function of Open MRS. From the main dictionary page, where it says “Concept Dictionary Maintenance,” the search function works properly. But if I go into any of the search results, for example, if I search “all obs” and click on ‘All Observation Templates”, the search function on the next page no longer works. From here, when I search for a new term, such as “COPD”, the function takes me back to the prior search term. Thanks

Ramesh, did you get this resolved? Did you try to load the CIEL dictionary over a test database or other database which was collected without the CIEL dictionary present?