Preparing our OpenMRS Annual Report 2018

Hi everyone!

We’re putting together the OpenMRS Annual Report for 2018. Right now, we have an outline that is steadily being populated as information from different sources comes in and it is becoming more and more of a draft.

Each year, we like to include the total number of site/implementations of OpenMRS and distributions that are out there, worldwide. It’s also nice to see how many patients are being actively managed by OpenMRS, too. Some of you may have received an email asking for this data - and if you’ve already responded, THANK YOU! If not, we hope to have a final draft out before the end of the month so you still have some time.

Email or PM me for details or if you have questions.


@jennifer I have gone through the document and I cant wait for the final copy. Good job my dear I desire to be like you.

Just to add to @jennifer’s comment about implementations -

If you manage implementations or a distribution, but haven’t received an email or PM requesting data from you about your implementations, please reach out directly to @jennifer to get those added to our numbers.