Preparing GSoC 2015 Midterm presentation videos 📺

GSoC students, as part of your Midterm Evaluations, you will need to prepare a YouTube video presentation for your project.

  1. BEFORE the midterm evaluations begin (26 June 19:00 UTC) you will need to prepare AND UPLOAD a short (plan for between 5 and 10 minutes) presentation video about the current state of your project. Upload this video to YouTube and embed it in a post in a new topic here on OpenMRS Talk. Use the “GSoC” category and title your topic like: GSoC 2015: PROJECT NAME Midterm Presentation.
  2. There are many free and open source software applications and free web services that can help you record a screencast. As you search and find good ones, you can add your suggestions here to share with other students.
  3. Your video should primarily be a demonstration of your current code/project, a walkthrough or highlights of the code you’ve written, and/or some slides that describe your design process. Talk with your mentors to decide what should be shown in the video.
  4. Encourage the community to respond with questions and comments about your work! As they post follow-up replies in your topic, please be ready to respond with answers, or even a post a follow-up video to demonstrate answers if appropriate.
  5. For inspiration, you should review the “gsoc2014” category for topics that include “Midterm Presentation” to look at midterm videos from last year.

Once again, please share your ideas about screencast tools here. We look forward to seeing your progress in the next 1 to 2 weeks!


NOTE: Please tag your posts with the gsoc-2015-midterm tag so they can all easily be listed at:


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I’ve used screencast-o-matic before : It works well. They only downside being a small watermark towards the bottom left of recorded videos.


Just a reminder that there are less than 24 hours remaining to get these videos completed, uploaded, and shared. Don’t delay! :smile:


Just about to begin making my presentation now, my preferred software is Kazam Screencaster for ubuntu :smile: Thanks @michael for your last comment, it reminded me what i had forgotten

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