Preparing for Platform 2.0.5 release

On Tuesday, 18th I will be releasing Platform 2.0.5, which is a maintenance version to be included in Reference Application 2.6. If you have any issues you’d like to be addressed and released soon, please share their JIRA ids here so I can help with getting them in. Any fixes need to be committed by Monday. Thanks!

The versions of modules to be included in Platform 2.0.5: 2.18.0 (was 2.17) (@darius, do you plan to release 2.19.0 by Monday?)
owa 1.6.3 (was 1.6.3) fhir 1.6.1 (was 1.6.1)

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I will go ahead and release 2.19.0 now. (It has a bugfix where it was breaking the reportingrest module, so this will let the Andela team working on the Cohort Builder switch from snapshot.)

I have released 2.19.0.

(It’s not on modulus yet because of an infrastructure issue we’re having, i.e. but it’s available on artifactory.)

@raff Just a heads up the 2.0.5-SNAPSHOT is still active, and I get an error when I use 2.0.5 I get an error

[ERROR] error reading /Users/xxx/.m2/repository/org/openmrs/api/openmrs-api/2.0.5/openmrs-api-2.0.5.jar; zip file is empty

@ssmusoke, seems like a network glitch on your side when downloading the new jar. Please try removing it and let maven download it again.

BTW, the release is still in progress… It’s taking a bit longer since I’m working on simplifying the release process. It should be done today.

@raff Looks like its my connection - works on Travis…

FYI it is officially released now! (waiting for download page to be updated)

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