Pre-theater/ Pre-op Data Collection - Design Considerations

We are developing the Operation Theater module to facilitate data collection throughout the entire workflow. The first step is to identify and decide on what data to collect before the procedure starts. If anyone has custom implementations of data gathering for operation theater activities, please provide us the following information.

  1. A brief description of your work environment - where you use it, for what kinds of procedures, theater setups, OpenMRS version, modules used to facilitate data collection and anything else you think might be useful.

  2. Suggestions on the data to be collected before a procedure - we have identified a set of data which we’ve listed below. Let us know what’s important, what’s frequently collected and any other concerns you may have. Mention what else we should consider collecting, their usage and prevalence.

  3. When you think the data should be collected, and your reasons for it - in some cases, a post-op form is filled with data that could have been collected before the procedure. But some data such as pre-operative medications, allergies etc. need to be collected before-hand.

  4. Format of forms currently used to collect data - if possible, please provide us with screenshots and links to source code of pre-op forms you might be using. If you have any modifications that you’d like to see in them, mention those as well. Please see here for an example.

Pre-op Data To Be Collected

So far we have identified the following as possible data requirements. This is by no means exhaustive. Your suggestions are welcome.

  • Evaluating patient medical history
  • Past surgeries
  • Diseases that may affect the surgery
  • Current medications - may cause complications
  • Allergies - for chemicals, drugs or anything else used in surgery
  • Fitness for surgery
  • Checking the body condition of the patient for signs that the surgery may not be viable
  • Prescriptions to be taken before the surgery
  • Dyes
  • Anesthetics, antibiotics, antifungals, analgesics, IV fluids, Electrolytes, anticoagulants, diuretics, barbiturates
  • Fasting periods
  • NBM periods for the surgery
  • Legal requirements (where applicable)
  • Documents requiring legal consent of the patient for the surgery

Any other suggestions you may have in implementing data collection are also welcome.

Have you considered mentioning certain names that you would expect to respond? :slight_smile:

It’s all right, @dkayiwa. I asked the people I know in our project thread. This was more of a public call as advised by Darius :slight_smile: