Pre-planning meeting sessions for Uganda 2016

As plans for Uganda 2016 move forward, we’re trying to gather input on what sessions are most valuable to attendees. The organizers have already identified some topics that are of significant regional interest given efforts underway in East Africa. We’d like some community input on the suitability of these topics, and propose more. To do so, i’d like to suggest the following -

(a) publish one thread per proposed topic, same as we did last year. The purpose of these threads would be to organize scope, find the right speakers/participants, create awareness etc. (b) a separate thread for folks to propose new topics

@burke, @r0bby @pascal @jmpango @terry comments? :slight_smile:

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Based on what i’m hearing, it seems that we might want a separate category to discuss Uganda 2016. @burke, can you do this for us? FYI, their official hashtag seems to be #UGAOMRS16

Done. See Community > Uganda 2016 category.

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Do you have a list of these?