Potential collaboration - Dataset query OpenMRS

Dear OpenMRS community,

I am currently working with a large non-profit organization who are interested in navigating real-world data assets for research and investment purposes. The organization is particularly interested in topics pertaining to injectable contraceptive usage as well as information on syphilis, gonorrhea, and HPV.

We were wondering if you have a dataset that may be of potential interest. If that is the case, could you share more information that would be of great interest. Particularly, if you have information regarding the general demographics, duration of follow-up, and ability to link data to other sources of information such as socioeconomic indicators, pharmacy, or laboratory information, this would be greatly appreciated.

If it would help to clarify the request, I would be more than happy to have a quick conversation via teleconference to provide more information and to discuss further.

Best regards, Jaime