Poster on Quality assurance

Guys, this is important, We often ignore one of the most important aspect of software development which is quality assurance that’s why to promote it OpenMRS is taking initiatives and here is what we say "Be Double Sure"


cc @christine @k.joseph

There is a serious quality Assurance in openmrs behind the scenes may be you may not have seen any updates about it cc. @jennifer @k.joseph

@raydex @ajeymuthiah do you guys need assistance in anyway ?

:eye: According to this post, this suggests to me @raydex, @ajeymuthiah might be sharing their experience from GCI-2019 tasks they’re working on most likely about designing a poster on Quality Assurance and felt it worthy to share it with the community members

nope, thanks tendomart

@raydex This may not be a good idea to share snapshots of what is going on in the gci-dashboard about your tasks that have been approved and may create bias from those participating in the program. Besides gci is a contest which is still on going and has rules that governs it. :eye:

Its nice :slight_smile:

oh okay, ive removed it

yep bro …

pardon me…

I agree with @kdaud, GCI task must be shared publicaly only after the contest is over or when the mentors explicitly ask you to share those.

Take a note of this @raydex

And btw, Nice work buddy :smile:

Nice work bro

bro is this for an gci-task for promoting quality assurance???all i could see is the process in quality assurance