Possible Links on Main OpenMRS GCI Page


When you go onto the OpenMRS organization section, Link Here the only links shown in the bottom right are Email, Mailing List, and Chat.

The link to the chat is broken, but through my conversation through the mentor’s I’ve discovered that the main way of communication with the community was through Telegram, Link Here.

I was wondering if you guys could redirect the chat to go to that the Telegram link instead, I only knew because a mentor told me but would otherwise have no idea about the other form of communication. I just think that it might give more people exposure to the messaging group. If you can’t do that, could you at least please included the telegram link somewhere on the OpenMRS page?

Thanks for your consideration,


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They’re not wrong. That’s the main communication place for OpenMRS. The GCI chat is temporary.

Oh ok. Is is possible to add the telegram link on the page?

It’s linked on the wiki, which you should have seen.

If you are referring to Google Code-in, we have a Wiki page for GCI 2018 which is linked in the description page of OpenMRS in the GCI orgs website, as you may know already. You can see the linked gci telegram group there.

Ok thanks for the clarification

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